Theremins is what we live and love. The most amazing electronic musical instrument, and the oldest one still around. Easy to play and hard to master, the theremin can be played with any level of musical skill.
We offer the Moog Music Etherwave theremins in many different configurations. In original state, assembled and tested at the Moog Music factory in Ashville NC, USA, or assembled and tested by ourselves. To please the eye, we offer several finishes of the Etherwave cover. We can also pre-install the ESPE01 bass module, upgrade your current Etherwave theremin to the PLUS edition, and even build you a left-handed one. 
We build our 'Ethermagic-built' theremins on demand only. Do contact us with your theremin wishes!

Your Etherwave theremin Leftified
Let us turn your theremin into a left handed one.
119,00 per
Custom built Etherwave PLUS there..
Have us custom build you an Etherwave PLUS theremin.
569,00 per
Custom built Etherwave theremin
Have us custom build you an Etherwave theremin.
469,00 per
Etherwave Standard, ASH edition
The Moog Etherwave Standard is where it all starts for many starting as wel as seasoned theremin players.
469,00 per
Etherwave PLUS, ASH edition
Upgraded version of the Etherwave Standard. With Control Voltage outputs to control Moogerfoogers, Minimoogs and other analog synth gear. Also featuring a headphone output with volume control.
569,00 per
Etherwave theremin Kit
Build your own Etherwave theremin from a kit.
419,00 per
Etherwave PLUS Kit
Build your own Etherwave PLUS theremin from a kit.
519,00 per
Etherwave PLUS Field Upgrade for ..
Convert your Etherwave Standard theremin into a PLUS.
165,00 per
49,00 per
110 Vac PSU for Etherwave standar..
Planning a trip to the US or other country where 100 - 120 VAC is the standard?
50,00 per piece
220 Vac PSU for Etherwave standar..
Planning a trip to the 220-240 VAC country?
50,00 per piece :: ::
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