It appears that Moog Music inc performed a modification on the latest production run of the Etherwave circuit board which risks some instruments to have a restricted pitch range after installing the ESPE01 module. We are investigating the issue and present a solution in short time. If the serial number of your Etherwave Standard is higher than 30000 or higher than 7500 on your Etherwave Plus, please put your ESPE01 upgrade plans on hold for the moment. We will publish updated information in this place, soon.

The Etherwave Standard Pitch Extension module greatly enhances the linearity of the Etherwave Standard and Etherwave PLUS theremins. The pitch field will be extended with up to two octaves in the bass register, while the high register remains unaffected. The timbre is also affected, making the sound smoother. A detailed explanation of the module can be found here.

Installation instructions and a video walkthrough can be found on this page.

Disclaimer: the module may work less efficient with older Etherwave theremins, sold under the Big Briar brand. Installation on those theremins may differ from the steps of the manual. If you have one of the earlier Etherwaves, we can give you the information required for a succesfull installation.

The module is shipped without tracking. If you do want tracking, please select this option in the shopping cart.

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